Our Approach

Our approach is simple... Innovation is the introduction of something new, such as a technique, an idea, or a new technology. Slack Space believes in using innovative ideas to help you find business IT solutions that are the perfect fit for your organization.

Our Story

Slack Space was founded in 2015, as there was a need in local businesses for an innovative way to handle IT solutions, like computer repair in Columbia, Missouri. Many business owners would contact us to consult on big and small technology problems they faced, and we were able to save them money and help them be more productive, giving them the time to focus on their own clients.

Meet The CEO

Donald Warren has spent most of his life solving complex technical problems, and wants to share what he has learned to make your business better.


Donald Warren



Slack Space’s CEO/CIO, Donald Warren, believes in thinking outside the box and bringing new & innovative ideas to the table. Donald has experience in multiple areas of expertise, including electronics repair, computer repair, network security, forensics, and telephony, just to name a few. He has worked in many service industries, and has found the one thing that all businesses have in common. That commonality is the need for reliable technology services! Most businesses want to focus on their clients, and just want the technology to work. Donald has set out to do just that.


Next Steps...

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